Quality policies

IMOP Insights is dedicated to social and market research, covering different methodologies and analysis techniques. Our Quality Policy is based on the following work philosophy:
  • Comprehensive service : coverage of the processes and allocation of the necessary resources in each case.
  • Personalised service : adaptation to the specific needs of each client.
  • Transparency : the client has online access in real time to the information collection and processing processes.
In this context, we understand the collection of information as the essential basis for the knowledge and analysis of social reality and we are committed to providing the maximum methodological rigour and giving the best treatment to our respondents, panellists and collaborators in appreciation of their time and experience. To achieve this purpose, we maintain a Quality Management System that is compulsory for all our staff. This system regulates the work processes and quality control mechanisms in the different phases of the service we offer. The Management of IMOP Insights, S.A. assumes responsibility for the application and fulfilment of this Quality Management System, guaranteeing that the services provided by the company comply with the specifications, codes and standards of conduct that commit us, as well as any applicable legal requirements. Likewise, the Management of IMOP Insights, S.A. is committed to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. It is our wish that the assumption of all quality standards is a constant in the way IMOP Insights, S.A. works in order to obtain the recognition of all our clients for a work carried out efficiently and safely. The scope of our quality policy covers market research oriented towards strategic operational marketing, sociology and public opinion. IMOP Insights adheres to the international ICC-ESOMAR code for the practice of social and market research. IMOP Insights complies with the requirements established in the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-ISO 20252 Standards. The CODIM Supervisory and Monitoring Committee renewed, on 14 July 2021, the adherence of IMOP Insights, S.A. to the Code of Conduct for the processing of personal data by Market, Social, Opinion and Data Analysis Research organisations. DECLARATION OF APPLICABILITY The Quality Management System affects all market, social and opinion research activities carried out by IMOP Insights, including any methodology of data collection. IMOP Insights has decided to include sampling including access panels, fieldwork, self-administered and data management and processing to be compliant with this document in accordance with annexes A, B, E and F of the UNE-ISO 20252 standard. The annexes that are the subject of the IMOP Insights declaration of conformity are described below.
For each annex, a descriptive text of the services provided, including any relevant technical specifications, is incorporated :
Annex to UNE-ISO 20252 Including Remarks
Annex A – Sampling including access panels Yes Both probability and quota sampling for CAPI, CATI and CAWI. IMOP Insights has its own access panel.
Annx B – Fieldwork Yes Telephone, online and face-to-face surveys; focus groups, face-to-face and online; in-depth interviews, face-to-face, telephone and online.
Annex C – Physical observation No
Annex D – Digital observation No
Annex E – Self-administered Yes Online surveys.
Annex F – Data management and processing Yes Coding, data editing, statistical exploitation, weightings and analysis.
Where necessary, IMOP Insights will inform the client of the outsourced research processes. The Directorate. Madrid, 02 September 2021
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